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Laser Dentistry in Audubon, NJ

We are proud to announce that we now use a laser! This new technique can be used for controlling bacteria under your gums, fillings can be done without getting a needle, and many other procedures utilize this instrument. Only 5% of dentists in the USA currently have a laser, and we are one of them! Please call our office as soon as possible, so we can help you achieve a happier smile in so many new ways.

Dental procedures involving lasers may sound like something from science fiction, but for a growing number of dentists, it is today's reality. Laser dentistry is providing safer, more comfortable dental treatment for millions of patients, and at Audubon Oral Health Center, we're pleased to offer this service to our valued Audubon, NJ patients.

Benefits Galore

Laser dentistry can eliminate the need for anesthesia, excessive bleeding and stitches after surgery. It can also help reduce tissue damage, the risk of infection, and the length of recovery time following surgery.

With laser dentistry:

  • Gums can be reshaped without cutting
  • Tooth decay issues can be addressed with less pain
  • Benign tumors can be removed from the mouth without stitches

To learn more about how laser dentistry can benefit you, call our office to set up a consultation.